Acne may be thanks to unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, hormonal changes, contributing factors including excess oil, clogging of pores, bacteria etc . Other factors that may trigger acne include genetics, menstruation and emotional stress.

Common acne prone area are face and body areas like neck, chest ,back, arms.acne can present as comedones, papules, pus filled lesions, nodules, cyst. Acne can cause scars and pigmentation.

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Looking for a Best Skin Clinic in Kondapur? FMS SKIN is the best Skin Clinic in Kondapur India with experienced Skin Specialist Doctors. Top Dermatologists in Kondapur Hyderabad Telangana India offering wide range of Skin Treatments by using the most advanced technology with our highly skilled skin specialists.

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FMS SKIN is the best Skin Clinic in Jubilee Hills with experienced Skin Specialist Doctors. Best Dermatologist near me. Skin care treatment, leading dermatologists use their medical expertise to offer world-class skin and hair treatments and deliver exceptional results. FMS is the most trusted brand in the city today to avail safe and effective solutions for all dermatology conditions. We offer advanced dermatology treatments to effectively reduce pimples (acne vulgaris), acne scars, skin pigmentation, birthmarks, open pores and tanning. Our medical team is adept at using the latest laser-bas
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